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FAQ - safety video pre-production process

Safety media production - Frequently Asked Questions 

Health and safety video, DVD and media production is a perfect way of communicating the latest health and safety laws, regulations and policies to all of your workforce in one comprehensive safety training method.

However, in our 20 years of experience, many Health and Safety Advisers have been concerned about the media production process both before, during and after filming takes place.

This FAQ section will hopefully explain the health and safety video and DVD production process clearly and precisely and help to settle those nerves.

Below you will find answers to questions that will help to de-mystify what is needed during the stage before any filming takes place.

If you can't find the answer to your questions below, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any queries you might have.

Stage 1 - The pre-production process

Q. What happens during pre-production?

During the pre-production process the Producer/Director will attend initial meetings with the client to determine the actual content of each production.

During this period the Producer/Director will gather from the client as much information and material as possible to enable him to create and develop a clear understanding of the needs of the client and draw up a detailed written production brief.

Q. How can the Client help during pre-production initial meetings?

These initial meetings are helped considerably if the client has been able to draft a short document that contains the key areas the production needs to cover.

During this part of the pre-production period locations for shooting the production will be agreed and reccee of the locations will also take place.

Q. What happens after the brief and locations are agreed?

The Producer/Director will then write, to an agreed deadline, the first draft script. The first draft script will contain both the proposed visual and audio elements to be included within the production.

This will include suggested voice over, specific shot descriptions and sequences, appropriate graphics and additional music or sound effects.

Q. Why are draft scripts important?

The first draft script is circulated for critical feedback. The drafting stage of the script is a critical part of the pre production process, as the final draft script will form the basis for all the agreed material to be captured and subsequently edited.

Only when the final draft script is agreed will the next stage of the production process take place.

Q. When are filming dates confirmed?

Once the final draft script is agreed dates will then be confirmed for when the shoot will take place.

Q. How does a shooting schedule help the pre-production process?

Honestly? It saves you money!

As it is likely that much of the filming/shooting will involve your company employees taking part, its important that there is appropriate time allocated before shooting for any preparations to take place.

The Producer/Director will draw up a detailed shooting schedule for the filming days, which will describe: 

1/ The time of arrival at the locations to be used.

2/ The time allocated for the shot sequence to be captured.

3/ The shooting requirements needed for each section.

The shooting schedule is then distributed to all those concerned in readiness for the next part of the production process.

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