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FAQ - safety DVD production process

Safety DVD production - Frequently Asked Questions

Health and safety video, DVD and media production is a perfect way of communicating the latest health and safety laws, regulations and policies to all of your workforce in one comprehensive safety training method.

However, in our 20 years of experience, many Health and Safety Advisers have been concerned about the media production process both before, during and after filming takes place.

This FAQ section will hopefully explain the health and safety video and DVD production process clearly and precisely and help to settle those nerves.

Below you will find answers to questions that will help to de-mystify what is needed during the stage when the camera is switched on and live filming takes place.

If you can't find the answer to your questions below, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any queries you might have.

Stage 2 - The production process

Q. What equipment will be used?

For filming a safety DVD production for construction office or factory companies, the Health and Safety Films crew will provide our own safety clothing.

The cameraman will provide all the equipment needed for filming purposes.

Q. What happens during filming?

During the production process the Producer/Director is responsible for directing the production.

In particular directing the cameraman to capture the appropriate shot material as detailed within the final script, working with and directing the clients workforce to carry out the appropriate action as outlined within the final script.

Q. What is the client's role during filming?

It is essential that the client responsible for working on the production through the pre-production process is in attendance during the shooting of the production to look out for and be responsible for the action being carried out by the clients workforce to ensure it complies with both company and health and safety regulations.

Q. How is the film crew transported during filming?

During the production process the Producer/Director is responsible for transporting the crew (Cameraman and PA/Grip) to and from each location as well as to and from the accommodation booked during the shoot and at the end of the production process.

We will need the client to organise in advance of the production transport for themselves and any employees taking part in the filming at each location as specified in the shooting schedule.

Next: Stage 3 - The post-production process

Click here to find out what happens once the camera is switched off and filming is completed of a typical health and safety video production.

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