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How much does a bespoke safety video production cost?

How much does a custom made health & safety video cost to produce?...

Health and safety media production costs for creating high quality video or e-learning training support tools are very much determined by the complexity, content and practicalities that the production demands.

For over 20 years Health and Safety Films have created first class broadcast quality video, DVD and e-learning health and safety productions for a wide variety of companies at surprisingly affordable prices!

What our previous customer said...

'Karl’s sheer enthusiasm, passion for his work was evident from the start – his knowledge and expertise made us feel comfortable that we were making the correct choice with the production so we agreed on a very reasonable budget and the itinerary for the shoot.'

Emma Palfrey

Facilities Team Leader


So how are the costs worked out?...

Perhaps the style and content of the production demands that actors are required or graphic animated sequences which would add a specific additional cost.

However, if the production is going to revolve around capturing the activity and thoughts of your own employees then these costs will not be appropriate and considerable savings can be made.

A previous customer said this about our safety media production service...

"Because each production has been filmed on our own sites featuring our own staff, we believe they are more effective when used in the training of our staff and contractors."

John Corden 

Head of Health & Safety

Southern Water

Other factors linked to final bespoke safety DVD production cost...

The length of the production will also help determine costs. A complex script will require more time to develop and refine during the pre-production process and is likely to mean more material needs to be captured during the production ‘Shoot’. It may well be that the production will require more edit time to be allocated to assemble and ultimately deliver the final production!

In contrast, the costs of creating a short vibrant, animated method statement demonstrating the safe operation of a particular piece of equipment, or communicating a key safety procedure may need less time spent of script development and the editing process. This will be clearly reflected in any proposed budget for this type of production.

Example budget for a typical custom made safety induction DVD production...

We recently created a promotional DVD for CWM Environmental, which showed in detail the materials recovery process at their recycling plant in Carmarthen, Wales.

The production involved an initial meeting where material and the intended audience for the production was discussed. Following a reccee of the CWM plant, the writer/director created a detailed first draft script with a written storyboard of all the shots and sequences followed by a shooting schedule for the allocated days shoot.

The production was allocated a day’s edit by the Senior Editor at the ITV Channel Television Studios, with an accompanying voice over and music. Once authored to DVD, incorporating the CWM Logo and branding, the company received an initial 25 copies of the 6 min production.

And the average cost for this highly specific site safety DVD induction?

' After spending time discussing what we wanted with Karl and the team at Health and Safety Films, we were really surprised at how affordable it was going to be. We're really pleased with the end product which we stream on our website and show visitors to our recycling facility.

The costs were well within our budget! '

Bob Conyard

Operations Manager

CWM Environmental

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