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Latest safety media productions

CORONAVIRUS Covid-19 health and safety DVD productions

Coronavirus Covid-19 health and safety media productions are urgently being commissioned by all of our customers.

Following Public Health England advice, we are strictly following social distancing and wearing appropriate PPE whilst filming.

Contact us if you need Coronavirus Covid-19 media content for your current safety training

Visitor induction safety video for Engineering industry

Our latest safety induction DVD production was commissioned by MTU UK Ltd a subsidiary of Rolls Royce plc. They requested a swift and easy to comprehend safety induction media presentation for visitors to their two East Grinstead sites. The 5 min visitor safety video production covers everything from emergency procedures to traffic management. See below for production photos...

Construction site safety induction DVD for Housing Industry

Our latest health and safety video production is a construction site staff induction DVD for all employees of house building company Bewley Homes plc.

The safety team commissioned an all encompassing induction DVD to replace their existing paper based induction process.

Site Safety Induction DVD for Oil Gas Chemical Manufacturing Industry

This chemicals industry site safety induction DVD production package was updated in May 2018 for synthetic chemical industry co. Nippon Gohsei. 

Accident Investigation DVD and Incident Reporting DVD production

This Accident Investigation DVD and Incident Reporting DVD production is our 26th health & safety video production for Southern Water, and will help site managers comprehend the process of accident investigation and incident reporting.

Adhering to RIDDOR guidance, this accident investigation DVD and incident reporting safety training DVD clearly defines the difference between a near miss and lost time injury, and the essential Southern Water process for conducting an investigation into a work based accident or incident whether on a water treatment facility or in an office environment

Permit to work Competent Person training DVD production - Complete June 2017

A permit to work DVD was commissioned by Viridor plc in Feb 2017.

The health & safety training DVD production focusses on the role of the Competent Person in the permit to work process. The roles of the Senior Authorised Person, Nominated Supervisor and Authorised Person are also featured. The Competent Person training safety DVD will be used by all Viridor Energy Recovery Facility sites to create a consistent quality safety standard across the company.

Excellent stuff. I'm really pleased with how it has come out. It demonstrates the high standards and professionalism expected on our sites.

Craig Critchley, EHS Manager,Viridor

Factory construction site safety induction DVD production - Complete Jan 2017

A custom made factory construction site safety induction DVD was commissioned by TSL Projects Ltd in Nov 2016. 

The site specific safety induction video production was developed to enable the TSL Projects safety team to provide a clear, detailed and consistent way of communicating their Induction Programme to their contractor workforce. 
TSL Projects had been using a lengthy power point presentation for some time to fully induct visiting contractors which tied up a key member of the safety team for almost an hour for each induction!

As well as saving time, TSL Projects Ltd also wanted a way of ensuring all their key safety messages were consistent and included in the safety induction DVD at the critical point of inducting those coming to work on their sites.

I have worked out that our new site safety DVD production will pay for itself in just 3 months! Well worth the investment for consistent quality inductions!

Jason Wigglesworth CMIOSH - HQSE Director, TSL Projects Ltd

Chemicals at work safety DVD production - Update: Completed Nov 2016

A highly detailed safe handling of chemicals from drums & cylinders safety training DVD production is our 25th health and safety training video production for Southern Water.

Read great feedback from their positive testimonial

This working safely with chlorine and sulphur dioxide health & safety training DVD will feature safe methods of transporting chemicals and safe storage of chlorine gas cylinders including specific detail on the process of connection and dis-connection. 

Production updates:

4th Sept: pre-production meeting with safety team at Southern Water to discuss the proposed chlorine safety DVD production.

17th Sept: 1st draft script completed and sent to Southern Water safety team for review.

20th Sept: recee of potential filming sites where chlorine gas is stored and transported on a regular basis.

28th Sept: 2nd draft script completed and reviewed by safety team at Southern Water.

1st Oct: 3rd draft script completed and filming dates agreed - Oct 12-14th.

12-14th Oct: Filming commences for Safe Handling of Chlorine and Sulphur Dioxide health & safety training DVD production.

Factory industrial safety DVD induction - current status: Completed

Factory safety induction DVD production updates & background...

A highly site specific factory workplace based industrial safety DVD induction production was commissioned by Nice-Pak International - European leader in manufacturing wet wipe products.

Production updates:-

31st July - Production completed. 

9-11th July - Editing commences.

2-5th July - Filming factory workplace safety induction DVD at Nice-Pak International UK factory in Flint, North Wales.

22nd June - Final draft of filming schedule and shooting script confirmed.

29th May - The factory safety induction DVD will be filmed - 2nd & 3rd July

25th April - Amendments to the first draft industrial safety induction DVD script have been suggested, and a 2nd draft shooting script is being prepared. 

14th April - After reviewing the first draft workplace safety induction DVD script for their industrial factory plant at Flint in North Wales, the Nice-Pak health & safety manager Victoria Barrow is currently making minor amendments. Once the amendments have been returned from Victoria, a second draft of the shooting script and filming schedule will be finalised.

3rd April - A factory workplace based industrial safety induction DVD production for staff at Nice-Pak is currently planned as a two day shoot with filming dates to be finalised soon.

Health & Safety Training DVD - Slovakia - Update: April 2016

Health and Safety Films have recently been approached by the ‘British Chamber of Commerce of the Slovak Republic’ to see how we can support a number of different industries in the country to develop their Health and Safety training through the use of video production.

Meetings are being arranged for Health and Safety Films to spend time in the region and meet potential clients to discuss their training requirements. The chamber of commerce were particularly impressed by the work we have carried out within the United Arab Emirates for major oil and gas producers where UAE safety induction DVD productions were translated into a number of different languages.

Permit to Work Safety DVD production - Update: March 2016

Current status - in Pre-production

The first draft script for the new ‘Acceptor Training’ DVD production for the Viridor Energy Recovery Facilities is currently on hold as Viridor are in the process of reviewing their Acceptor and Permit to work procedures.

Health and Safety Films place considerable importance on the development of the scripting process to ensure when material is finally captured the final signed off script reflects every detail of the messages that need to be included and communicated.

This makes sure that only the latest and most relevant up to date messages ad procedures are included. The success of the pre-production process is based on the vital partnership between our client and Health and Safety Films. 

Production updates:

23 Sept 2015 - Recce at Viridor's Runcorn ERF site and meeting with safety team to discuss Permit to work safety video production.

19 Sept 2015 - 1st draft shooting script completed for Permit to work safety DVD production.

11 Sept 2015 - Filming dates have been confirmed 11th-14th Nov at Viridor's Runcorn ERF site.

02 Sept 2015 - Pre-production meeting with Viridor safety team to discuss outline of permit acceptor safety DVD production.

Permit to Work Safety DVD production background...

A Permit to Work Acceptor Safety Training DVD has been commissioned by waste management experts Viridor after the successful completion of a series of site specific safety induction DVDs for Viridor's Energy Recovery Facility sites at Ardley, Runcorn and Cardiff.

Health and safety films are currently in the process of scripting for the Permit to Work safety media production which will be used as part of Viridors' training programme for those within the company as well as outside contractors who will be responsible for carrying out their permit to work procedures on site and take on the role of permit 'Acceptor'.

The Permit to Work DVD will follow through a series of real work scenarios to help communicate the key stages and responsibilities of the permit 'Acceptors' role.

Previously the training was based on Viridor's written 'Acceptor' handbook. 

The new Permit to Work safety DVD production was commissioned to create a more accessible and visual training aid to support Viridor's commitment to high quality training for all those involved with the company.

Industrial safety induction DVD production - current status: Completed



Chemical industry safety induction DVD production updates...

Aug 1st - Staff, contractors & visitors safety induction DVD production completed. 

June 23rd - Editing dates confirmed 25th-27th June.

June 6th - Filming completed successfully. The post-production shoot script prepared for recording voice-over.

June 2nd - 4th - Safety induction DVD for factory and industrial company Nippon Gohsei in production.

May 29th - Shooting schedule to add intro to camera by new Managing Director and fit around their busy schedule.

May 20th - Final script and shooting schedule approved.

May 15th - Shooting schedule preparation & camera operative confirmed as Adrian Walker.

May 5th - Recce visit and final shooting script approved.

Apr 21st - Recce planned for May.

Apr 10th - Filming dates confirmed for 2nd - 4th June. 

Apr 3rd - Nippon Gohsei have requested a new section covering the factory shutdown safety procedures.

Mar - The updated industrial safety DVD induction will feature new corporate clothing and safety procedures on site.

Feb - Research begins for rewriting first draft shooting script.

Jan - Pre-production meeting to discuss total remake of existing safety induction DVD.

Industrial factory safety DVD production slideshow...




Industrial & factory safety induction DVD production slideshow


Industrial safety induction DVD production - background to project...

Update Sept:-

Filming took place for 2 days in Sept 

Update Aug:-

An additional chemical industry safety DVD has been commissioned by the safety team for factory shut-down safety procedures.

Pre-production begins! 

Original commission brief:- 

An industrial site safety induction DVD was commissioned by Nippon Gohsei in Jan.

The factory safety DVD will feature new updates to safety processes and procedures on site.

This safety DVD production will be the 3rd updated version for Nippon Gohsei who are dedicated to regularly updating their existing safety DVD based induction for staff contractors and visitors.

International Safety DVD productions in planning...

We continue to develop our relationship with GTS our partner based in the UAE. 

Most recently completing a series of UAE Site Safety Induction DVD’s for Takreer a leading Oil producing company based in Abu Dhabi.

We are currently tendering for the opportunity to produce the video content as part of a major training programme for HOSN GAS.

We are also in negotiations with MACE International to create a 'non-language' approach Safety Induction DVD package with supporting posters and auditing questionnaires to help improve the quality and efficiency of inducting a large multi-lingual workforce.

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  • "The finished site safety induction DVD production is superb and we are all very proud of it. It really compliments our safe working environment whilst capturing a personal feel ..."
    Emma Palfrey
    Facilities Team Leader - Unilever
  • "Over 250 of our staff have watched the new factory workplace safety DVD so far and they have been impressed with the professionalism of the content. Brilliant job! Thank you!"
    Victoria Barrow
    H & S Manager: Nice-Pak International
  • "I have watched the video several times & am left with a feeling of pride at what we do in East Grinstead. A big thank you from my side to all the team who contributed to the vi..."
    M.D. MTU UK Ltd

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