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Safety induction video production

Safety induction DVD production...

Getting the right health and safety induction video, DVD or e-learning media production to fully support the safety training needs of your company can be tricky.

It usually means the difference between purchasing an off-the-shelf generic, non-specific and often dull safety induction DVD versus commissioning a highly detailed safety induction video production that specifically addresses the health & safety policies of your company.

Only the production of a custom made safety induction video, DVD or e-learning media product that directly communicates the specific health and safety policies, procedures and image of your organisation is fit for purpose.

Below, you will find some examples of bespoke health and safety induction media production commissions that were produced in various different styles and approaches.

Site specific safety induction media production example...

Site safety DVD production example - background to project...

A bespoke site safety induction video and DVD production

that clearly set out in detail the company's health and safety policies and high standards of operation and safety was commissioned by Lyndon Scaffolding.

This site safety induction video and DVD production was commissioned by Lyndon because they only employ their own scaffolders.

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Plant safety induction DVD production example...

Health & safety plant induction video production example...

A site and plant safety induction video and DVD was needed by Aylesford Newsprint that could be dubbed into three different languages.

This was due to an expansion programme that involved operatives from different countries working to produce recycled newsprint at over 150 miles per hour.

Revised health and safety procedures and new plant operations formed part of a recently updated safety induction media production which was commissioned due to the success of the original production.

Site specific safety induction DVD production example...

Site safety DVD production example - background to project...

A safety induction video was needed by Southern Water to inform all those who visit both their clean and waste water sites of the health and safety regulations and safety issues & procedures they would need to be aware of.

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Bespoke site safety induction video production example...

Site specific safety DVD production example - background to project...

The company Health and Safety Director of Nuttal approached us to produce a bespoke site safety induction covering all aspects of the sites working operations and welfare faciltities.

The site safety induction video and DVD production included the safe systems of work for those working on the sites deep excavation.

The site safety induction video targeted Nuttal employees as well as visiting contractors on site.

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    Simon Medler
    Managing Director - Lovell Repairs & Maintenance
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